Barb Hilborn is Raising Funds for Stedman Community Hospice

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Barb Hilborn's Goal: $ 1,000.00

$2,785 raised!


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Barb Hilborn

Thank you for visiting my Hike for Hospice fundraising page. I greatly appreciate all pledges for this very worthwhile cause.

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Debbie Molenaar donated $20

Tara Otterbein donated $20

Linda Ladd donated $20

Bruce Bonney donated $100

Rebecca Thompson donated $25

Avenue Pharmacy donated $20

Sanja Stankovic donated $20

Audra Henderson donated $30

Lee Ann Youth donated $20

Judy Birley donated $20

Dianne Penzvalto donated $20

Marsha Forth donated $20

Anita Butler donated $20

Jenn Hallett donated $20

Serissa Ferras donated $40

Tari O'Neail donated $20

Barb Hilborn donated $150

"In memory of people we have lost in the past year. June Campbell, Allison Barr and Shirley Szasz"

Florence Kennedy donated $25

Brenda Bishop donated $1,000

"In memory of Mom and Dad"

Glenna Lee Bartlett donated $50

"In honour of Mickey ❣️She brought such joy to any room or backyard she entered????????"

Kenneth Hilborn donated $50

Dr John Rizk Medicine Corp donated $100

Jacquie Cornick donated $40

Faye Fendley donated $20

Leonora Warren donated $20

Nancy E Taylor-fraser donated $20

"Have a great walk, Barb!"

Karen Peters donated $50

"Great Cause. Thank you for doing this Barb."

Claudia Carlton donated $100

"Thanks for doing this Barb!"

Brian Bonney donated $50

"For Mickey Bonney and Diane Watkins"

Sdamboragama Mpc donated $100

Joanna Bond donated $50

"So proud of you and your family for carrying on this great legacy!"

Kim Warren-Skinner donated $25

Diane Martyniuk donated $100

Dr. David Thompson donated $100

Dr. K. Ko Professional Medicine Corporation donated $100

Barb Hilborn donated $200

"Another year to support a great cause. It has been 6years since we lost mom. Still missing her so much..."