Daneka Miller is Raising Funds for Stedman Community Hospice

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Daneka Miller

I am so excited to be participating in my 6th Hike For Hospice! 

For those of you who don`t know me, my name is Daneka Miller and when I was 13- in March 2017 my mom passed away from brain cancer in Hankison House. My mom was my best friend, my number one supporter, a beloved teacher, daughter, mother, sister, wife, and friend. My mom fought a long hard 4 months with a very aggressive tumour before passing away. I am so truly grateful for the end of life support that was given to my mother in her 3 months of living at the house. As well as the support to myself and my family. The hospice staff even gave my mom her end of life wish- which was to see me graduate grade 8. The hospice staff and community worked so hard to pull it off within less then 3 days, as the days became numbered. I am truly so thankful for the support the community gave my mother and my entire family. Since then I have had the honour to be the Top Youth Fundraiser, Hike Ambassador, and had to ability to take to multiple families and donors about such a wonderful place. As well as being able to have an impact on other family through co-op placement. 

Thank you for all of your support. You are loved every step of the way. 

- Daneka 

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Kim Beaudette donated $25

Will Charlton donated $100

Robyn Cadwell donated $100

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Bob Neate donated $40

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"So proud of you Daneka ????"

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Angela Leach donated $50

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"Very proud of you!"

Sherry Gray donated $50

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Rose Crawford donated $25

Jeanette Schelhas donated $50

Erika And Brooke Morton donated $50

"Mrs. Miller played a huge role in who I am today. She was an amazing teacher. You remind me so much of her. ❤️"

Wendy (gurney) Green donated $100

Julie L Taylor donated $50

"You continue to be an inspiration to so many. Keep shining your light!!"

Anonymous donated $300

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"Great job Daneka!!"

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"Forever proud of you! Great job. Xox"

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"Way to go Daneka!"

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"Daneka, your mom would be so proud of you! "

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"I hope you reach your goal!"

Jenn Ruck donated $25

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"Good Luck Daneka, I hope you make your goal."

Cathy M Norman donated $50

"I babysat your Dad many yrs ago. "

Heather M Shannon donated $25

"Thanks Daneka"

Michelle Crawford donated $50

"My kids loved Mrs Miller❤️ What a great cause, Daneka!"

Berneice Martins donated $100

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"Good luck meeting your goal! "

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"Proud of you Daneka! ????"

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"Great Work Daneka! "

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"Keep up the great work Daneka! "

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"I remember your dad from when we were little. My parents (Wayne & Ria Roper) were friends with your grandparents, John & Linda. "

Anonymous donated $15

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