Jeff Haalstra is Raising Funds for Stedman Community Hospice

Individual Rank : 7 out of 322
Team Rank : 3 out of 36

Jeff Haalstra's Goal: $ 500.00

$4,500 raised!

Team Cindy


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Jeff Haalstra

Thank you for visiting my Hike for Hospice fundraising page. I greatly appreciate all pledges for this very worthwhile cause.

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Darryl Alonzo donated $25

Domino's Pizza Of Canada Ltd. donated $1,000

Pearle Hospitality Inc. donated $250

Regional Sewer And Watermain Ltd. donated $250

Schilthuis Construction Inc. donated $100

The Hensen Foundation donated $1,000

Daniel Anthony Gasbarrini donated $100

The C3 Group donated $500

Greatario donated $100

James Bowman donated $50

Brantco Construction donated $100

Fox Flight Air Ambulance donated $100

Richard Beatty donated $50

Exclusive Brands donated $100

Rob L. Ireland donated $100

Anonymous donated $75

Thomas Subic donated $50

Collectivfide Insurance Group donated $100

Anonymous donated $100


Anonymous donated $100


Anonymous donated $100

"go jeff"

Brad Ireland donated $50

Kevin Kleinstuber donated $50

Anonymous donated $50