Marlies Bevaart is Raising Funds for Stedman Community Hospice

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Marlies Bevaart's Goal: $ 500.00

$1,120 raised!


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Marlies Bevaart

Thank you for visiting my Hike for Hospice fundraising page. I greatly appreciate all pledges for this very worthwhile cause.

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Bryan Philpott donated $50

Jessie Daniels donated $50

Marlies Bevaart donated $25

"Thank you Sherri and Dave Haines "

Heather Gecas donated $50

Sarah Clarke donated $50

"From the Clarkes and Daniels folks"

Allee Weber donated $25

"Hope you're holding up ❤️"

Devon Oliver donated $20

Susan Mcintyre donated $100

"Thinking of you Marlies. Sending hugs "

Andrea Fagan donated $50

Desirae Hill donated $200

Judy D Jozwiak donated $20

"In memory of Marlies' Dad and my Aunt"

Juliana Weberman donated $50

Helen Bevaart donated $50

"Thinking of you Marlies"

Laura, Noah And Melissa Philpott-house donated $20

"We love you ❤️"

Cody Kendall donated $20

David Clubine donated $50

Sarah Snetsinger donated $50

"Hope you're doing okay Marlies. Miss you"

Autumn King donated $50

"sorry for your loss, marlies! been thinking about you. "

Emerson Banks donated $25

"Thinking of you Marlies"

Thomas Arthur Bardy donated $50

Kathy R Bevaart donated $50

Tyanna Mabberley donated $20

"I'm so sorry for the loss of your Dad, Marlies. You've been heavy on my mind lately. "

Brittany Hamilton donated $20

Erika Davies donated $25