Nancy Billard is Raising Funds for Stedman Community Hospice *
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Nancy Billard's Goal: $ 5,000.00

$6,375 raised!


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Nancy Billard

Thank you for visiting my Hike for Hospice Profile page. I am excited to be fundraising for this very important community cause, and hope you will show your support by making a donation towards my goal. Together we can ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community continue to receive cost-free care. Funds raised at Hike for Hospice help provide frontline nursing care, patient meals, new beds, maintenance for our beautiful therapeutic gardens and more.
Thank you for caring enough to donate. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Nancy Billard

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Colleen E. Miller donated $100

Karen Adams donated $25

Kevin Davis donated $100

Cheryl J Moore donated $100

Ms. Pat B Brown donated $25

"Well done Nancy. Happy to help."

Doug Hunt donated $25

"All the best for a great event, Nance!"

Norm Curran donated $400

"Great job Nancy"

David Wormald donated $100

Elizabeth Oliveira donated $25

"Good luck Nancy!"

Lily Chen donated $50

Doug Garvey donated $25

Kevin Wojcik donated $100

Paul Harding donated $50

Erin Denton donated $50

Robert Peeling donated $50

Josh Billard donated $30

"Hey Mom, as you suggested, I'm donating to your hike for your Mother's Day gift. Hope you raise a bunch of money! "

Alex J. Billard donated $30

"As requested, Mom, in lieu of a Mother's Day gift, I am donating to your Hike campaign. All the best for a great event!"

Katrina Marques donated $50

Jo-Ann Dickson donated $50

Ken Karakas donated $50

Gordon Knight donated $140

Sharon Somerton donated $50

Cynthia Elaine Swanson donated $50

"You go girl!!! Awesome fundraising."

Camillia Galezowski donated $100

Sandra Ramelli donated $100

Brantford Industrial Warehousing Ltd donated $500

Beverly Jenkinson donated $50

Leslie Telfer donated $100

Ross Cochrane donated $50

Laura Wojtasik donated $50

Karen Moore Interior Design Inc. donated $100

Elaine Calvert donated $100

Kings Wood Products donated $1,000

Richard Beales donated $50

Annette Minutillo donated $50

"Thanks for all you do Nancy!"

Paul Williamson donated $1,000

John Laing donated $250

Matthew Reniers donated $50

Nancy Billard donated $50

Lin Fines donated $50

"All the best for a great Hike campaign, Nancy"

Helen Dallaway donated $100

"Way to go, Nancy Helen and Lloyd"

Elizabeth Martin donated $500

"To honour my stepmother who spent her last days at Stedman Community Hospice. Her care was above and beyond and it was a true te"

Terry S Collins donated $50

Anonymous donated $100

Mcnaughton Agency Inc donated $100

Chris Rayfield donated $100

Robert Jim DiNovo donated $100