Olga Consorti is Raising Funds for Stedman Hospice *
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Olga Consorti's Goal: $ 10,000.00

$12,680 raised!
Olga Consorti

Every day I am surrounded by the height of human kindness and generosity in my role as Foundation CEO. Because of our amazing donors, I see the direct impact that they make on the lives of those most vulnerable facing their final days.

Join us, along with our wonderful Honourary Hike Chair, Walter Gretzky! Your generosity makes these vital, compassionate programs and sevices possible, ensuring that nobody ever has to pay a bill for the care they need and deserve. 

Sincere thanks for your tremendous support. 

With gratitude,

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Mr. Kent Dixon donated $1,000

Anita M. Schweitzer donated $200

Karen Moore Interior Design Inc. donated $200

Stacey A Brimmer donated $30

The Toronto Clinic donated $500

Mrs. Soula Karatzias donated $50

Mrs. Anna Romano donated $50

Gloria Ridler donated $50

Mrs. Susie Leone donated $100

"A wonderful event for a GREAT cause❤️"

Empire Communiities donated $250

Ruth Todd donated $250

Kristina Kett’s donated $310

Ms. Kathy Karatzias donated $100

Phil Collins donated $50

Ms. Mary Folsetter donated $20

Mr. Klaus H. Laackman donated $200

Mr. Joseph Lacko donated $150

Anonymous donated $50

Anonymous donated $200

Tracy M Uvanile donated $100

Len Offless donated $50

"Fantastic event for a great cause."

Ronald Hoover donated $100

Anita Marie Oliver donated $25

Mrs. Sandra Wilson donated $100

Mr. Borys M. Semeniuk donated $200

Helen E Downham donated $50

"Thanks so much for all you do for all of us!"

Mrs. Melissa Baskin donated $100

Mr. Duane Bower donated $1,000

Mrs. Rosemary Prohaska donated $25

Mr. Derek Bond donated $25

Mrs. Jeanne M Smitiuch donated $25

"Thank you Olga for all you do for our community. "

Mr. Scott Rewutzsky donated $250

Anonymous donated $25

Mr. Shawn MacLeod donated $50

Jane P Vandrus donated $100

Anonymous donated $100

Royal LePage Action Realty donated $500

Kim Mcisaac donated $50

Anne Marie Norris donated $200

Teresa McDonald donated $50

Anabela Slifierz donated $200

"Let’s support a wonderful and much needed purpose❤️"

Bettyann Deronde donated $100

"Best of luck towards a very successful hike!"

Anonymous donated $2,500

Heather Duce donated $50

Lifeline Design donated $50

Antonietta Volpe donated $50

Vic Prendergast donated $100

Sue Maize donated $100

"Best wishes on a successful hike Olga! xo"

Maria Visocchi donated $200

"For Walter xo "

Kelly J Lagoszniak donated $100

"Such a great cause! "

Wendy J Hill donated $50

"Thank you Olga for everything you do!"

Dina Dalia donated $50

Cheryl A Avarell donated $100

Florence A Copeland donated $330

Maureen Ellis donated $100

"In Honour of Olga Consorti"

Paula Turkiewicz donated $100

Anonymous donated $100

"You're awesome! Good luck in teaching your goal! You can do it! "

Dennis Evans donated $50

Anonymous donated $100

Deborah Christine Bove donated $50

Anonymous donated $15

Michelle Edwards donated $100

Violet Cappucci donated $50

Tracy Seal donated $100

Paul Dalpe donated $250

Anonymous donated $500

Mary Jane Savory donated $100

Scott Lyons donated $200