Quinn Bateson-Hotte is Raising Funds for Stedman Hospice

Individual Rank : 15 out of 326
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Quinn Bateson-Hotte's Goal: $ 2,000.00

$1,705 raised!
Quinn Bateson-Hotte

Thank you very much for sponsoring me in the Hike for Hospice and for helping to raise funds for such a great cause!

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Dr. Melanie Robinson donated $50

Ms. Kayla Weames donated $100

Murray E Kitchen donated $150

"All the Best Quinn, from Violet & Murray"

Brooke Brenneman donated $50

Janice And Ken Robinson donated $50

Grant Macdonald donated $50

Donna Kane donated $25

Kyle Manfredi donated $50

The Rogowski Family Rogowski donated $50

Melissa M Mcneish donated $50

Marybeth Krolouski donated $25

Leanne R Evans donated $50

Laura Maddison donated $50

Julie Baetz donated $50

Nina Nguyen donated $25

Millards donated $30

Mary Felice donated $100

Kelly Baetz donated $25

Mike Terdik donated $150

Nicolle Kaczur donated $50

Steven Mcgaghran donated $50

Skylar Turkiewicz donated $25

Stacey Goodwin donated $50

Wes Eb Caldwell donated $50

Jennifer E Chowhan donated $50

Martin J. Dixon donated $250

Quinn Bateson-Hotte donated $50