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Richard Cracknell

A throwback pic to simpler times. 

Once again, I will be participating in "Hike for Hospice” in memory of my wonderful sister Cindy who passed away from brain cancer in 2017.  My family and I are grateful to the Hospice not only for the care and attention they gave to Cindy during her end of life journey but also for fulfilling her last wish; seeing her daughter, Daneka graduate from Grade 8. 

The Hospice put together a graduation ceremony like no other for Daneka and her closest friends so that Cindy could witness this special occasion five months before the end of the school year.  Needless to say, the Stedman Community Hospice provides extra special care and support to its patients and their families during the most difficult of circumstances.  My family experienced the warmth and compassion of the incredible doctors, nurses and volunteers first hand and understand how important facilities like this are to the community.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising efforts so that other families continue to benefit from the programs and activities that the Hospice provides for years to come.   

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